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24.05.2022 | Cannes STATEMENT – Constant Gardeners: The Realities of Today’s Film Sector in Europe

The conference,  co-developed by the European Audiovisual Production Association (CEPI); EUROCINEMA; Europa Distribution; Europa International; the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF); the International Federation of Film Distributors’ and Publishers’ Association (FIAD); the Federation of European Screen Directors (FERA); the Federation of Screenwriters in Europe (FSE); the International Video Federation (IVF); and the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC), took place at Marché du Film – Cannes Film Festival on Monday 23 May 2022; 

The debate showed that the core concept to be promoted by European, national and regional decision-makers remains freedom of choice to take risks on diverse stories and their production models, their diverse and tailor-made promotion and distribution strategies, with cinemas as an essential part of the ecology. This is an essential factor for preserving the art of cinema as well as the plurality of the players involved in the creation, production, distribution and exhibition of films in Europe.     24.05.2022 Cannes – Constant Gardeners statement